In today’s hyper competitive freight market, it seems like everyone’s a truck dispatcher. We’re the original truck dispatch services company. Looking back, I remember trying to convince the old schoolers at OOIDA that what I wanted to do was feasible, doable, and needed. In turn, they said it couldn’t be done. That I was wasting my time. Turned out I wasn’t.

I knew that truck dispatching was a much needed service for owner operators and small to medium sized fleets. I knew I had a good idea but didn’t know how to execute. I wrote out a plan and worked with an attorney to produce two key legal documents which over time allowed me to create our truck dispatch service.

Fast forward a few years and now I’m seeing more and more “truck dispatchers” popping up left and right. More and more of them are calling me to collaborate and put our resources together. It’s funny to see your contract all over the internet. Our “competitors” are out there using the agreements I had our attorney draft based on the ideas I conveyed to him.

I even found one site where the owners of the company blatantly stole our entire web copy word for word. My site was (and still is) performing very well on Google, so they decided to play dirty. It was funny because they didn’t bother removing “Salt Lake City” from the text and the year 2012 (inception of American Freight Trucking, Inc.) from the published content. Little did they know that Google has a bit of experience in dealing with such crooked practices and looks down upon this.

I’ve done my research, so has my business partner. He’s called through a list of truck dispatch companies he made. Most didn’t pick up the phone or even bothered calling back. The ones that did, shouldn’t have called themselves truck dispatchers; order takers is more like it. Most of the people he spoke with didn’t understand the business, didn’t have neither the tools, nor the knowledge, and yet they wanted to dispatch hard-working owner operators.

Some people think truck dispatching is about making a few calls, booking a load, and counting the big bucks. Nothing could be further from the truth. A real truck dispatcher needs to fully understand the business. They need to understand freight market dynamics, capacity, and seasonality. They need to know how to negotiate with brokers, freight forwarders, and 3PLs. They need to be in the know of what’s going on in each individual market for each individual equipment type (van, reefer, flatbed, step deck, etc).

A truck dispatcher needs to have the right tools and not just a $30 load board. It takes a lot to run a full-blown truck dispatch agency. At AFT Dispatch we’ve turned everything into a process. We got it down to a science. This goes for training dispatchers, booking loads, our onboarding process, how we handle clients, brokers, and factors. All of this boils down to a smoother experience and higher rates for our clients. They don’t have to worry about filling out packets, talking to brokers, billing and invoicing, and a myriad of other things involved in booking a quality load shipment.

So I guess you could talk to a slick sales guy and get sold. That usually doesn’t work very well. It doesn’t take very long before you realize the money they promised isn’t coming and your so called “truck dispatcher” doesn’t know what they’re talking about. That’s usually when buyer’s remorse kicks in. You know the rest.

We don’t resort to such tactics. Never have. Never will. Truth is, we don’t need to. Our experience and time in the market speaks for itself. We got our bruises, got up and kept going. We’ve been burned but learned the tough lessons and earned our stripes. This is why no one will ever try to convince you to sign up. Sure we market and advertise, we create enticing copy, we do our best to present our services, and want you as our customer, client, and partner. That doesn’t mean fast talking slick salesmen trying to pull a fast one. In fact, I’ll just leave you with our service page and let you decide for yourselves.

If you have a question, give us a call at (801) 448-6363 extension 1. If you want to learn more about our professional truck dispatch service, simply click the link above. If you’re convinced we’re the right fit for you and are ready to get started, then head over here to receive our set-up packet.

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