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Truck Dispatching & Truck Owner Operator Leasing

Truck dispatch services for motor carriers as well as lease on owner operators.

We operate out of multiple hubs in Salt Lake City, UT, Chicago, IL, and Lincoln, NE. We work with motor carriers and leased on owner operators. Our truck dispatchers keep you loaded with the best truck loads at the highest prices.

Our admin staff handle all of the necessary paperwork while you focus on building your trucking business. You don't need to call any freight brokers, fill out any setup packets, contact insurance, or deal with billing and invoicing.

Leasing on with us as an owner operator is a smart move. We have multiple flexible lease on solutions designed to fit every trucker's lifestyle.

Truck Dispatch Company

In the trucking industry, a good driver is everything. A good truck dispatch company is a close second.
Our truck dispatchers are our biggest asset. They're honest, motivated, and professional.
Our truck dispatchers are always motivated to get you the highest possible freight rates.
Your freight dispatcher is trained on advanced freight rate negotiation and freight market dynamics allowing them to get the highest freight rates in the spot market.
Our truck dispatch services are designed to serve a single purpose and that is to make your life a little easier.

Truck Dispatch Services

You focus on driving your semi truck and safely delivering the load, and we’ll handle everything else from setup packets to invoices.

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Truck Dispatching

Our clients average $2.40 per mile and more. No Term Contracts. No Minimums. No Forced Loads. No Weekly Charges.

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Top Truck Dispatchers

Work with the very best truck dispatchers in the trucking industry and watch your trucking business grow and prosper.

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Truck Dispatch Services

Our truck dispatchers are focused on booking your truck loads. Our admin staff handle the setup packets, insurance certificates, invoices, and other pesky paperwork. Our truck dispatch services help increase your efficiency and productivity.

Full IFTA reporting is available for every unit in your fleet. We handle truck driver payroll and also provide truck driver performance and maintenance reports for all of your semi trucks.

If you like being on top of your business, you’ll love our premium-level profit monitoring features that include AR management, driver and carrier settlement statements, and other key reports.

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