The Painful truth About the China Economy Collapse and the Suffering of American People

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The Painful truth About the China Economy Collapse and the Suffering of American People

It’s no secret that the Chinese economy is in trouble. For years, experts have been warning that the country’s rapid growth is not sustainable and that a major economic downturn is inevitable. And now, it seems, that day has arrived. The Chinese economy has been shrinking for the past year, and its currency, the renminbi, […]
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Is Now a Good Time to Get into Trucking?

Research by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that 4.4 million businesses were formed last year — 24% more than 2019’s numbers. Yet for many people this meant staying at home and working remotely. For those not suited to office work and with experience driving vehicles commercially now might be a good time to get into […]
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Trucking Companies are LYING to Truckers!

Trucking Companies are full of Lies! You read that right! Trucking companies are lying to truckers! Unfortunately the vast majority of truckers out there have no idea this is even happening. Many trucking companies have leased on owner operators working under their MC authorities who are making money for the trucking companies but the owner […]
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Business Experts Optimistic About Trucking in 2021 [VIDEO]

Business experts are optimistic about trucking in 2021 and truckers could not be happier for it. The trucking industry went through an unprecedented 2020 with ups and downs at the beginning of the year and incredible rate spikes from the middle of the year and on. Many companies closed their doors in the first and […]
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Do Truck Drivers Make Good Money? – A Comprehensive Answer!

Do truck drivers make good money? This question comes up frequently and is usually asked by people who don’t drive semi trucks or are considering getting their CDL. This isn’t an easy question to answer unless we get into some details, which is precisely what I’ll be doing here today. The short answer to “do […]
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Chuy Garcia’s Exorbitant $2 Million Dollar Truck Insurance Bill

Today I want to talk with you about insurance. Namely commercial auto liability truck insurance. More specifically, I want to talk with you about Congressman Jesus Chuy Garcia and his $2 million dollar truck insurance bill. You may have heard talk in the news recently about large increases coming to the trucking industry. Mr. Chuy […]