Do Truck Drivers Make Good Money? – A Comprehensive Answer!

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    Do Truck Drivers Make Good Money? – A Comprehensive Answer!

    Do truck drivers make good money? This question comes up frequently and is usually asked by people who don’t drive semi trucks or are considering getting their CDL. This isn’t an easy question to answer unless we get into some details, which is precisely what I’ll be doing here today. The short answer to “do […]
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    Chuy Garcia’s Exorbitant $2 Million Dollar Truck Insurance Bill

    Today I want to talk with you about insurance. Namely commercial auto liability truck insurance. More specifically, I want to talk with you about Congressman Jesus Chuy Garcia and his $2 million dollar truck insurance bill. You may have heard talk in the news recently about large increases coming to the trucking industry. Mr. Chuy […]
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    Why You Absolutely Must Keep on Truckin’ Through 2020!

    Things are getting better in the freight markets! This is indeed great news. Rates are increasing, tonnage is increasing, freight availability is improving. This exactly why we’ve been telling truckers they need to keep on truckin‘. Let’s look back a few months. Things were bad. Lots of trucks on the road, very little freight. The […]
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    Choosing the Best Owner Operator Companies in 2020

    I speak with many owner operators on a daily basis. That’s my job. We lease on owner operators. Every one of these folks are looking to lease onto one of the best owner operator companies. Through our conversations, I learn a lot about many of the different owner operator companies, their offerings, and more importantly […]
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    What’s the Best Trailer Type During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    You might’ve asked yourself this question as you watched the markets crumble over these past few months. What’s the best trailer type during this pandemic? There is an answer and I will provide it here. As I wrote in my previous post Owner Operator Trucking was Forever Changed for the Worst in 2020, trucking has […]
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    Owner Operator Trucking was Forever Changed for the Worst in 2020

    It’s been months since my last blog post. Since then the world has gone through a lot. Owner operator trucking will likely never be the same. Owner Operator trucking was forever changed for the worst in 2020. Over this period of time I’ve put up many videos on our YouTube Channel and we’ve gained lots […]
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    Happy New Year to All Truckers and Owner Operators! – 2020!!!

    I just want to pass my well wishes to all truckers and owner operators, carriers, and company drivers out there. We know how hard most of you work and how most people just don’t understand the role truckers and trucking plays in our society and everyday living. We know, and we appreciate you! I hope […]
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    A Tale of Two Truckers

    A Tale of Two Truckers is about two drivers who couldn’t be more different from each other. One makes money, the other does not. One listens to dispatch, the other one doesn’t, and pays dearly for it. Both clients have signed up with our truck dispatch service at about the same time. One trucker is […]