Today I thought I’d talk about a Drug & Alcohol Consortium we’re a member of.  I mentioned them in my OOIDA Benefits post [Updated link 2023] and since CMCI is a division of OOIDA, I think it’s only appropriate it has its own post.

CMCI is a drug and alcohol consortium which you’re required to be a member of under FMCSA rule. I found out when looking for a drug consortium that pricing can be vastly different. I signed up with a local company and later found out about OOIDA and CMCI and switched over. Here’s why.

Under FMCSR Part 382 and on, CDL truck drivers are required to be tested for drugs and alcohol. Carriers and Owner-Operators have to be a part of a drug and alcohol consortium with random testing as per regulation. This by the way is a HUGE deal to your local DOT people who will be doing your New Entrant Safety Audit (I should write a post on this) and periodic checks. Here’s a useful link to brush-up on drug & alcohol testing requirements. [Updated link 2023]

The program costs $100/ year if you’re an OOIDA member, if you’re not, you should be. If you enroll with OODA and CMCI and pay for it all then you can still get CMCI drug testing for $100. They’ll send you some stuff in the mail along with a 2-hr supervisory training program which you’re required to go through. You’ll also receive a Supervisor Training statement which you need to sign.

When you or any of your drivers are picked for random drug and alcohol testing, CMCI will get in touch with you by mail. You then have to call their rep and schedule a visit to the MRO (Medical Review Officer). No additional costs. Just make sure you don’t tell your drivers about the drug test till you call CMCI and schedule the test date and time.

They’ll send you driver handbooks, a company drug and alcohol testing policy, an audit checklist from OOIDA, and a bunch of other necessary forms. Drugs and alcohol are a very big thing with the DOT and FMCSA and should be taken very seriously. A company can be easily shut down or heavily fined for not having a drug and alcohol testing policy or proper forms and registers. This is why it’s so important to be listed with a proper drug and alcohol testing consortium.

Anyway, I suggest you guys look through their services if you haven’t signed up with a drug consortium or are paying more than a $100 a year for yours. I don’t get anything from either OOIDA or CMCI for endorsing them like this. I am definitely happy with the level of service and benefit I’ve received in working with these two organizations and recommend you have a look.

Thanks for your time, it’s been fun going through their services one more time in preparing to write this post. It’s always good to review.Get Started with AFT Dispatch!