The word "Lies" made with the word "truth" written in small

Trucking Companies are full of Lies!

Trucking Companies are full of Lies!

You read that right! Trucking companies are lying to truckers! Unfortunately the vast majority of truckers out there have no idea this is even happening. Many trucking companies have leased on owner operators working under their MC authorities who are making money for the trucking companies but the owner operators are being swindled! Stay with me here!

The reason why I decided to even write this post in the first place is because I got sick and tired of hearing hard working leased on owner operators and trucking companies telling me that they’re not making the kind of money we’ve been showing in our weekly videos on YouTube.

The word "Truth" made with the word "lies" written in small

The Truth About Trucking Companies

The Truth About Trucking Companies

Everyday I speak with three types of people. I speak with people interested in getting into the trucking industry for the first time in their life. I speak with trucking companies operating under their own trucking MC authority. I also speak with leased on owner operators running under someone else’s MC authority. Usually the reason they call me is because they watched one of our Top Paying Loads in Trucking videos on YouTube and were surprised at the amount of money our customers are grossing every single week.

When I speak with them, the overwhelming majority of leased on owner operators tell me that they never receive the original rate confirmation from the trucking companies they’re leased under. This is a telltale sign of dishonesty. The problem with this is simple. If you don’t receive the original rate confirmation, you’re having to trust the trucking companies you’re leased under to be completely honest with you about the dollar amounts you’re hauling freight for.

Since these leased on owner operators are calling surprised at the rates we’re booking freight at, it’s quite clear to me what’s actually happening there. Oftentimes these truckers receive “rate confirmations” that were actually drafted by the trucking companies themselves. That’s also a problem since they can clearly see on the BOLs that the freight was actually booked through a broker and not the trucking companies involved in transporting it.

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Bring Order to Chaos in Trucking

Truckers Bring Order to Trucking

This is all a very scary thought and an awful situation. I can imagine how terrible these truck drivers must feel when it finally dawns on them that they’ve been paying a percentage of the total linehaul to these trucking companies while also losing thousands of dollars every single week for years and years of operation. They feel swindled! The truth is, I can’t blame them for anything because they simply don’t know that they should be seeing the rate confirmations. That these rate confirmations should be coming from the broker and not the trucking companies.

Something similar also happens with trucking companies. A lot of these trucking companies work with the same brokers over and over again and steadily pull freight for the same dollar amounts year in and year out. The freight markets dynamic and change from day to day. Different lanes pay different rates, commodities matter, time of year and seasons matter. There are many variables to running a profitable, effective, and efficient trucking company.

The same thing happens with truckers who are company drivers. Often it starts with their very first job right after graduating from truck driving school and getting their CDL. It’s understandable, they just graduated and landed their first job. They’re excited to finally hit the road and make the big bucks everyone’s been talking about. Recruiters know this and unfortunately take advantage by promising these truckers the moon and of course never delivering on their promises.

If only truckers could receive clear and honest information right from the get-go, maybe then they’d be able to make the right decisions. They say knowledge is power and this I believe in full-heartedly. If these truckers were told the truth from the very beginning, they’d be able to make the right decisions and not waste years and tens and in many cases hundreds of thousands of dollars working for companies that simply take advantage of them.

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Truckers, it’s Time for Change

Truckers! It’s Time for Change

Truckers, it’s time for change and it’s up to you which direction you choose. You can keep doing what you’re doing and no one will say a word. I won’t shame you for it, the companies you work for won’t bring this to light, and brokers certainly won’t volunteer more money. Only you have the power to make a change in your life. One thing’s for sure, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

Some people choose to ignore the truth even if it’s staring them in the face. There’s a level of comfort which people simply don’t want to let go of. They’re used to doing what they’ve been doing, it’s not perfect but it pays the bills. They don’t want to change anything for fear of making things worse. In fact, I’ve seen people willingly ignore facts and information because it would push them out of their comfort zone.

Those who are brave enough to read up, make the calls, ask the questions, and make up their minds based on the new information they’ve gathered and processed, can make those life changes. Once you learn the truth about how the trucking industry has been treating truckers, you can’t unlearn it. At that point it’s a matter of, do I want to keep things going as they have been knowing what I know now, or do I want to pull the trigger and make a change for the better?

If you fall into the second camp and are willing to accept that you may have been wrong for years, then keep reading because I’m about to show you how you can make this change for the better. The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a trucking company or a leased on owner operator. You can and should be making more money than you’re making now. Don’t let sneaky recruiters and slick sales people have their way with you, get informed, and make educated decisions.

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AFT Dispatch & A2C Logistics

AFT Dispatch & A2C Logistics is here for Trucking Companies and Leased on Owner Operators

We at AFT Dispatch and A2C Logistics have come together to help solve this truly unfortunate problem plaguing the trucking industry for decades. AFT Dispatch and A2C Logistics is a cooperative between two of the very best logistics companies on the market. At AFT Dispatch and A2C Logistics, we dispatch trucking companies operating under their own MC authorities as well as lease on owner operators.

We’re all about honesty and transparency. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. The problem is that we’d be lying if we didn’t say exactly this. Our entire cooperative is built on the idea of empowering truckers know their worth and get paid more money on their miles. This is how it should be but unfortunately in most cases it isn’t like this at all.

If you’re a trucking company, we dispatch you for a flat 7% commission. Our dispatchers, handle the phone calls, rate negotiation, credit checks, packets, insurance, as well as billing and invoicing. All loads are booked in your company name and MC authority and you’ll always receive the original documents.

If you’re a leased on owner operator who isn’t making top dollar on their miles, isn’t receiving the rate confirmations for all the loads you’re pulling, and are being charged way too much and receiving way too little for the hard work that you do every day as a truck driver, then we’re here to help if you’re ready to make some positive changes.

First of all, watch the latest release from our weekly load videos. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel because we produce these videos every single week. These videos are designed to do two things. We aim to cover something that could benefit you in your trucking businesses and trucking careers as well as show you the loads we’ve successfully booked for our customers consisting of leased on owner operators and trucking companies operating under their own authorities, running under our truck dispatch services.

You can get more information about us and our services by calling or texting us at (801) 448-6363 or go to our website and select whether you’re a trucking company who has their own MC number or are an owner operator leased under someone else’s MC authority. Fill out the short form on any of those two pages. Once you do this, we’ll send you some important educational information as well as put you on our email list to receive our weekly educational Top Paying Loads in Trucking videos.

It’s now your turn to take action! So what will it be? Are you ready to make some positive changes and make more money on your miles? Money that you deserve and should’ve been paid from day one in the first place? Or will you stick your head in the sand and ignore the facts? Either way is okay. I won’t judge you!

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