I love stats. I like being able to take a bunch of data and segment it, cut it up, and make something useful out of it. It takes time and knowledge but the end result is eye-opening. This is one reason I love reviewing our analytics data for the many web properties owned by American Freight Trucking, Inc.

What I love more that this is when a huge global conglomerate like Google does the number crunching for me. They also tend to make prettier charts. So when this post hit my inbox, I absolutely had to write about it. I think you just might find it eye-opening, much like I did. So here goes.

93% of smartphone owners use apps. Ok, nothing newsworthy here. But wait, there’s more. Google dug a bit deeper into their vast stores of data to find out who and how app are being used. This is where it becomes interesting.

Two-thirds of smartphone users primarily used gaming, entertainment, news, and sports apps. Here’s the kicker! 51% of those smartphone app users are women. Yes, more women than men use their smartphones to access apps for games, news, entertainment, and sports. On average they access these apps 2X to 3X per day. Collectively and on average they spend about an hour a day using these apps.

52% of women use gaming apps on their smartphones versus 48% of men.

  • 52% of women use gaming apps versus 48% of men.
  • The average age of gaming app users is 36 years old.
  • Users are most likely to use gaming apps while relaxing.
  • Users spend 62 minutes on gaming apps each day.

You can look at the entire post by Google [Page removed by Google]

In their post they break everything down into nice categories. For example, you can see that 80% of Sports App users are men. The average age for this group is 36 years old and they mainly use their sports apps at night while relaxing or watching TV.

Thought you might find this interesting. The sports part doesn’t surprise me, in fact the entertainment and news part doesn’t surprise me either and I’m glad to see it being pretty equal. Although I always thought guys were much more about gaming than the ladies. We’re all individuals though, and that right there, explains it all.