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It’s that time of the year again! You know, when everyone is setting their New Year Resolution? I think it’s great but it’d be really great if people actually achieved their goals rather than just achieve hyping themselves up for a week or two.

Gyms are always full in the first couple of weeks of January of any new year. Then they slow back down and the regulars once again reign supreme. You might’ve set some new year resolution goals for yourself and even for your trucking business but then found yourself regressing back to old behavior. Well, this is what we want to fix. Let’s do it!

The Bad News!

The Bad News

Let’s start with the bad news first. You’re probably going to fail. I know, it doesn’t feel good reading that. In fact, let me rub it in a little more. 60% of people who set a new year resolution for themselves, and in our case, your trucking business, fail miserably within six months. Worse yet, 25% of 2022 new year resolution setters will give up in just 7 days.

So, we now know that the odds are against you and you’re probably going to fail. So why is there more text below this line? Shouldn’t you just give up now? I mean the odds are really, really against you of ever reaching your 2022 new year resolutions. We’re almost a week into the new year as of this writing. I wonder what your local gym looks like.

The Good News!

The Good News

Let’s talk about the good news! The headline promised you a way to raise your chances of reaching your 2022 new year resolution by 42% and we at AFT Dispatch and A2C Logistics were never into clickbait headlines. We’re all about results! From our truck dispatch services for carriers operating under their own MC authority to leased on owner operators. We want you to win and in this case, by at least 42%.

Dr. Gail Matthews, a Psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, did an interesting study on goal setting. The study results will help you reach your 2022 new year resolution. Read on and see how you too can implement this one small change to improve your chances of hitting your 2022 new year resolutions and goals.

Spill the Beans Already!

Spill the Beans

Most things in life are simple, we just tend to overcomplicate them. The same goes for hitting your new year resolution goals. Professor Matthews learned that the biggest difference came from simply writing down your goals and then of course going after them. By simply writing down your goals, you raise your chances of actually reaching them by 42 percent.

By simply writing things down, you literally improve your chances of reaching your goals and new year resolutions by a whopping 42%.

Why Does it Work?

Writing down your new year resolution goals for 2022 forces you to focus and pay attention. It clears the mental cobwebs and puts you on the straightest path to what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Surprisingly, it also helps to motivate you to actually begin completing the necessary tasks needed to reach your goals.

Writing down your goals is a major strategic move. It allows you to plan the necessary steps. It gets the gears moving. You start to think about things and ask questions. It’s like a lubricant for your engine, things just go smoother. When you write down your goals or new year resolutions, you’ll start to break them down into smaller and much more manageable steps. Things will go through your head that you hadn’t considered before and you’ll write them down too.

Bonus Tip

Now I realize we didn’t just discover America with this one. Maybe you even guessed where this article was going once you read the headline. However it doesn’t change the fact that you clicked the link because at the end of the day, what you’re really trying to achieve here, is to finally, and for once, set a goal and actually reach it. For once in your life you want to actually set your new year resolution, go for it, and hit it out of the park. You don’t want to be a part of that 60% statistic and certainly not the 25% who quit in a week.

This is why I have a bonus tip for you. Now I can’t tell you what the percentage increase will be from doing this, but an increase is an increase. It won’t require much effort, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the increase might just be the one thing that makes the difference.

Write Your Goals Down Twice a Day!

Successful people write their goals down. They write their new years resolutions down. They commit. They break things down into smaller steps and make things manageable. What really successful people do though, is slightly different. They write their goals down, twice a day!

They do it once in the morning and one more time at night. They wake up with their goals fresh and on the top of their mind. It’s like the freshly brewed cup of coffee. It wakes you up, gets you going, and for many people, it marks the start of their day. Really successful people write their goals down one more time right before going to bed. It’s the last thing they do before turning in. It’s the last thing they remember before falling asleep. This is very important because it creates a challenge for the brain to mull over and work on for the next 7 – 8 hours.

Writing your goals down twice a day, tells your brain and your whole being that this is really important. Telling your subconscious mind to look for a solution all night long while you sleep places a ton of value on the attainment of the goal. You fall asleep with it every night and you wake up to it every single morning. And if reaching your 2022 new year resolution or really any goal for that matter, is important to you, then I think you’ll pick up that pen and paper.

Are You up to This Challenge?

Are your goals and new year resolutions important enough that you’d be willing to challenge yourself and try this different approach of writing your goals down and doing it twice a day, every single day until your reach them? If they answer is No, then you’ve just wasted your time reading this because until your make your goals a priority, you’ll never reach them.

Now if you answered Yes, then you need to pull out a piece of paper and a pen and begin to write out your goals. Do it for yourself, do it for your family, for your loved ones, do it for your dog or cat for all it matters. The main point is that you don’t close the browser and think, wow that was a good post, it makes sense, I should really do this some time. I promise you, if you don’t pull out a piece of paper and a pen and begin writing, you will procrastinate and will forget you even read this. You will move on with your life and next year you’ll be setting your intentions for new year resolution 2023.

Are You a Trucker?

Two Trucks Side by Side

It’s okay if you’re not. You’re missing out though. At the end of the day, the above method will work for you just as well as it works for truckers. Now, if you’re a trucker, then we might be able to really help you out with your goals. Maybe you’re a company driver, or maybe you’re a leased on owner operator, you could also be a carrier operating under your own MC authority. However you’re set up, I’m sure one of your goals for 2022 and beyond is to make more money. Everyone wants to make more money. What if I told you that you could make more money while doing the same amount of work or possibly even less than you’re doing now?

Hopefully that got your attention! Here’s how we can help you reach that goal. We work with carriers and leased on owner operators and help them make more money on their miles. You’re going to drive those miles anyway, so why not make more money for them? By the way, if you’re a company driver, you can do this too. We work with many company truck drivers who switched gears and became leased on owner operators and carriers for the first time ever.

The thing is, you have to reach out. If you have your own truck and you’re leased under any one of the many trucking companies out there, chances are, you’re not making as much money as you deserve and you’re paying way too much to make it. We at A2C Logistics feel that too many trucking outfits charge owner operators way too much to lease under them. Unfortunately all too often these same companies aren’t honest or transparent with the very people making them money. This is why we created one of the least expensive and most transparent owner operator lease on programs out there.

Now, if you’re a carrier and have your own MC authority, you don’t need to lease under us because you already have your own. This is where AFT Dispatch comes into play. We help carriers untie their hands by setting you up with an experienced and dedicated truck dispatcher who handles the phone calls, rate negotiation, credit checks, packets, insurance certificates, while our accounting department handles your billing and invoicing. By letting us handle the monotony and much of the back-office work, you can focus on growing your operation. You can work on improving yourself, bettering yourself, turning yourself into a more effective and efficient business owner. Get back to running your business instead of your business running you. The best part is that you’re most likely going to make even more money than before and you’ll be doing it with a smile on your face because you won’t be working 24 hours a day.

Help us Help You!

We want to see you succeed. It warms our hearts. We love the feeling and we love it when you tell us that you’re glad you found us. We love knowing that we’ve made a positive difference in your life but we can’t do anything from this side of the screen unless you help us help you.

Make the change by calling or texting us at (801) 448-6363. You can also visit the respective pages to learn more about the programs that fit your unique set up. So if you are a leased on owner operator or a carrier, simply click the Learn More link and fill out the form. We’ll call you and answer any and all questions you may have. You can also fill out our chat box which you can find in the bottom right corner of any of our pages, whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile device.

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