AFT Dispatch

Full-Service Professional Truck Dispatch - 7% Commission

AFT Dispatch

Learn More About Our Truck Dispatch Service!

Outstanding Rates

All without phone calls, packets, insurance certificates, or invoices.

Strategists Not Updaters

We are master logistics planners, not load bookies.

No Term Contracts

Pay yourself first. No forced loads.
Full transparency.

Multiple Dispatch Hubs

Operating from Salt Lake City, UT Chicago, IL and Lincoln, NE

Forget About Paperwork

No packets, insurance certs, invoices, rate cons, NOAs, SOAs, Etc.

IFTA Reporting

IFTA reporting available for trucks under dispatch.

Driver Payroll

Driver payroll and performance reporting for 3+ trucks.

Premium Features

Profit monitoring, AR management, and settlement reports.


We Apologize but we Don't Book Straight Trucks, HotShots, Sprinters, or Cargo Vans

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