AFT Dispatch

Full-Service Professional 
Truck Dispatch
7% Commission

  • Outstanding Rates - All without phone calls, packets, insurance certificates, or invoices.

  • No Term Contracts - Pay yourself first. No forced loads. Full transparency.

  • Forget About Paperwork - No packets, insurance certs, invoices, rate cons, NOAs, SOAs, Etc.

  • Driver Payroll - Driver payroll and performance reporting for 3+ trucks.

  • Strategists Not Updaters - We are master logistics planners, not load bookies.

  • Multiple Dispatch Hubs - Operating from
    Salt Lake City, UT Chicago, IL and Lincoln, NE

  • IFTA Reporting - IFTA reporting available for trucks under dispatch.

  • Premium Features - Profit monitoring, AR management, and settlement reports.

We Apologize but we Don't Book Straight Trucks, HotShots, Sprinters, or Cargo Vans