Knowledge & Honesty

At AFT Dispatch, we understand freight market dynamics, pricing, rate negotiation, and always think ahead, but most importantly, we're honest. A good truck dispatcher needs to understand freight markets, how freight moves throughout the country and what are good and bad markets. A good dispatcher knows a good and a bad rate under any market conditions. A good dispatcher knows when to deadhead out to a better market and when to stay put.

Market Knowledge, Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency

Besides understanding day to day market dynamics and having good negotiation skills, a good dispatcher must be able to see and capitalize on available opportunities as they come up. A good dispatcher is always thinking ahead. Depending on location, a seemingly high rate may not be all that high if you're delivering in a part of the country that has lots of truck and very little freight.

Most importantly a good dispatcher should have integrity, be honest, work hard for the client. A good truck dispatcher should be transparent with all of their dealings. This is exactly what you'll find working with AFT Dispatch.

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